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Centre Culturel de Sandy Ground

Samedi 21 Mai 2011
Tale Danse & Music live
This show is written and produced by Julien Seguret and realized by different companies and choreographers including Imbali Dance with Clara Reyes, Peggy Oulerich from France, Tyrone Phelipa (Soualiga Capoeira), Deyon Bovell, Pianissimo Music School (french side).

The show also features special International Guest Star from Africa – Abdoulaye Dembélé!

Listen to the sounds of the piano, various African drums, Cello, the Gnoni and other instruments LIVE!

The narrations will be done by Senegalese musician Paps in French, and Thierry Gombs in English.

The story is about the multicultural exchange with the powers between dance and music; a young prodigious dancer call Donlolo (), blessed by the sorcerer and the Djeli, travels magically around the world to meet other cultures, and then returns home as the prodigal son. The story is filled with adventures of his travels and magic while featuring live instruments, actors and beautiful singing in the Djoula language!

Do not miss it !