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C.C.I. de Concordia

Vendredi 30 septembre
Collecte de Sang à la CCISM
The aim of St Martin’s International Blood Donation Organisation, the Association Internationale pour le Don du Sang Bénévole sur l'île de Saint Martin (AIDONS St Martin) is to invite the voluntary donation of blood to the benefit of all residents of the island of Saint Martin, regardless of their nationality and their provenance, through various consciousness-raising campaigns as well as by organising blood collection...s on a quarterly basis on behalf of the E.F.S. (Etablissement Français du Sang – French Blood Institute).
This association, governed by the law of 1st July 1901, intends to request its affiliation with the F.F.D.S.B., i.e. the state-approved French Federation for Voluntary Blood Donations (Fédération française pour le don du sang bénévole). AIDONS was founded on the basis of the following ethical principles:

Blood is donated at free will on a totally voluntary basis.
Only the EFS knows the identity of the donor and the particulars concerning the donor.

Blood donations are complimentary and can not be remunerated in any form (money, holidays ...).
The blood as well as the blood products can not be a source of financial profit. They are produced for and provided by a public service: The Etablissement Français du Sang.

The association currently has 298 members, of whom 133 are men (44.63%) and 165 are women (55.37%).
Although the majority of our members are French, our association also comprises members of the following nationality:

- Australian
- Belgian
- British
- Dominican
- Dutch
- German
- Haitian
- Indian
- Jamaican
- Japanese
- Saint-Lucian
- Swedish
- Swiss