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Friday, October 28th
High Heel Race Board Walk Time: 5pm to 10 pm
The Positive Foundation in collaboration with the Elektralytes Foundation will be hosting their first ever High Heel Race against breast cancer this Friday, October 28 at the Boardwalk.
Positive Foundation President Shelly Alphonso explained that this event would take place on the promenade directly in front of Holland House between 5-10pm and participants would race between designated areas in their stilettos. After the races... those in attendances could relax, socialize and enjoy themselves with live music.
President of the Elektralyte Foundation and local radio personality Mercedes “Elektra” Wyatt said that while this is the first time that such an event is being held on St. Maarten, it is one which has been held in many other countries before with much success.
“It’s really about having fun and raising awareness at the same time. We’re hoping people come out and at least try one or two races in their stilettos, but if not we still want them to come out and enjoy themselves in a social setting while getting information about how to protect themselves against breast cancer,” Wyatt said.
Alphonso explained that while there would not be any demonstrations at this event, literature would be on hand for those who wanted more information about breast cancer and how to prevent death due to the illness.
“I feel like I have spent a considerable part of the month saying that early detection is the breast protection, but then I feel like I cannot say it enough. The truth is there is no way to determine beforehand who will get breast cancer. We know people who have a family history may be more susceptible, but even those who do not have family histories are at risk and because of this our message is very clear: women need to do the monthly breast self exam, they also need to get an annual medical screening and finally when they are at the appropriate age they need to get regular mammograms,” Alphonso said.
Alphonso also explained that women should schedule their breast self exams around the same time every month, usually directly after their menstruations, when breasts are not a sensitive. She explained that for women who were just starting out a daily check should be carried out in the mornings so that women could get a better sense of what their own breasts feel like so that they could recognize any changes.
“This year we really wanted to get back to the basics, get back to getting the word out there about why these methods are important and why they save lives and think we are managing to do so quite nicely with the help of Elektra and the fun activities which brings new audiences from all different walks of life. This latest event is no different,” Alphonso said.
Alphonso said that prizes would be awarded to winners, including a card of several thousand miles donated to the organizations by Fun Miles. Both Alphonso and Elektra are encouraging people to come out and support the event and are reminding women to walk with their heels so that they can give the racing a try.