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St Maarten

Sunday, October 9th
Walk-a-Thon PINK PHIT PHABULOUS 6.30 am to 10.30am
Elektra and the Positive Foundation are extending an invitation to the community of St. Maarten to its second annual PPP event. The meeting place for this great event will begin at 5.30am in Divico parking lot. This event is open to everyone – children and adults. Distribution of t-shirts, caps, backpacks, water bottles, lip balms, and more give-aways will be available as long as supplies last.

This year the walk route is Divico Parking lot in Colebay ( next to Burger King), up the Colebay Hill down through link one, through the Great Bay Beach Hotel parking lot, onto the Boardwalk, to Juancho Yrasquin Boulevard, unto the Pondfill and into the Festival Village.

After which a BIG Zumba Class Party will be given by Zumba instructor, Maribelle ! The St. Maarten Diabetes Foundation will be doing blood sugar and blood pressure screenings.
Breakfast will be on sale for $5,= as long as supply lasts.

Everybody is welcome to come to PINK PHIT PHABULOUS and if you can’t make the walk, still come on down to Festival Village and support this Breast Cancer event. For those of you who make it to the walk; let’s reflect in this early morning walk that early detection saves lives and women must get screened and have their mammograms done.

This is a 3 P Breast Cancer Awareness event and donations will be gladly accepted for the Positive Foundation and the Elektralyets Foundation.
Wake up with the Positive Foundation and Elektra and be PINK PHIT PHABULOUS.

For more information Contact Shelly 5809658 or Elektra on 523741. A big thanks goes out to the Sponsors for this event; Divico, Manrique Capriles, UTS, Prime Distributors, B&C Beverages, St. Maarten Festival Village and St. Maarten Cable TV and Laser 101and all the volunteers.