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Cultural center - Philpsburg

Thursday October 13
BOOBS A Breast story - A Musical play
Boobs the Musical was inspired by the true personal experience of Mercedes "Elektra" Wyatt and her daily life in St. Maarten as a woman in the community, working in the entertainment industry. After discovering a small lump in her left breast and having to go through its removal and waiting for the results, it was a very stressful time that she kept hidden to herself. On hearing the news that the lump was benign and everything was ok, she felt motivated to celebrate her womanhood, which is directly related to breasts, and share this with other women in the community. That is how Mercedes Wyatt got started in breast cancer awareness campaigns, collaborating with the Positive Foundation ever since.
This musical depicts stories of different stages and elements of breast cancer through song, dance, poetry and drama. The music used in the play are all songs Elektra has used for her morning radio show "Wake up with Elektra" on Laser 101, on her Venus (the goddess of beauty and love) Day every Friday when she dedicates her program to the women of St. Maarten. Through organizing the series of events for Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Elektra was inspired to write this musical to bring the message of breast cancer awareness in a creative way.
Elektra collaborated with Ihndhira Marlin, the choreographer of the musical; Joost de Jong the director of Boobs the Musical; and DJ Jansen, the musical director; to make this show come to life. Through joining forces with these professionals, Boobs the Musical a Breast Story will be an experience not to be missed! These talented professionals have donated their services to make this musical, their cast is made up of professional dancers, students and many volunteers who heard about it and wanted to be a part of it. They have all come together to make this event for breast cancer awareness possible.
Elektra in collaboration with the Positive Foundation is inviting the community of St. Maarten to come and see this musical. It has a positive, inspiring message to both women and men of our community. Tell all your friends and come out in big numbers to enjoy this powerfully entertaining musical with the message "GET Checked," because early detection saves lives.
Boobs the Musical will take place at the Philipsburg cultural centre on Back Street on October 13, 14 & 15 at 8:00pm sharp. Entrance is US $20 at the gate.