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St. Maarten Carnival

April 19 to May 2, 2012
St. Maarten Carnival
St. Maarten's Festival Village turns into the largest open-air restaurant in the North Eastern Caribbean during Carnival featuring food booths which are open 24 hours a day offering a variety of local and international cuisines as well as a hotspot for all major concerts.

For Carnival 2012, visitors can expect international shows with renowned artists, local cultural shows as well as the colorful and vibrant Grand Carnival Parade which spans two days.

It's all about the Carnival and partying until the sun comes up!
The bands keep the crowd grooving during the early morning street parade called the 'Jouvert.' The grand parade is full of flamboyantly costumed dancers, music and revelers jamming to the exciting rhythm of Soca and Caypso.

The carnival village dishes out spicy island food, more music and partying until the last person leaves.