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samedi 14 janvier 2012

Dj Martial started Djing at the young age of 12. He got his start in the Boston Rave Scene. By the time he reached 15 and was in 10th grade of High School, he had gigs all over Massachusetts. He performed at Raves and Clubs doing underground and Techno music. After high school he moved to NYC to attend college where he quickly became a Trendy Night Club / Lounge / Bar DJ. Playing an eclectic mix of the latest HIP-HOP, R&B, REGGAE, HOUSE, while staying true by blending in the ever popular 80S, ROCK, CLASSICS, and OLD SCHOOL.

Now Dj Martial Can be scene up to 4 times a week at many of the NYC Hot Spots. He has been actively DJing in NYC since 1998. He Spins on Vinyl and a mix of Compact Discs and the new Serato Digital Laptop Vinyl Syndicate. He Is a Genuine Crowd Pleaser and has dance floors packed and clubs rockin till 4am.

Presently he is the Resident DJ @ Gypsy Tea in Manhattan every SAT. He plays in the Downstairs VIP room. And he is currently in the studio working on a Hip-Hop and House remix of the song BYE BABY preformed by the ANIMATORS, soon to be released.