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John Larmonie Center

11 feb to 10 march 2012
5 SESSIONS clown workshop
become a clown
After succesful performances of Baba-Yaga at St.Maarten Albina Matuzko, clown,performer/clown and theatre teacher was asked to give some clown classes, to give people possibilities to try what is about to be a clown.

The clown is a “Master of the Art of Living”. He exi...sts within everyone!

Discovering your own clown means bringing more Joy, Love and Pleasure in your life and be capable to connect with your inner self and with others from heart to heart”.

This course is an invitation to you to empower yourself, empty your busy head, open up your mind and go to the energy source in your belly and senses in your heart.

Primarily through the use of games, dance and direct contact with each other, following your impulses and acting at the moment, you will discover the magic and power of improvising. You can re-experience your spontaneity, imagination, freedom and playfulness. You learn to embrace your mistakes and have fun to take risks, conquering fears.

And if you will be able at the end to laugh at the beauty of your own ridiculousness, your life might seem easier.
No previous experience is necessary to start. You do not have to be Smart, Brave, Funny, and it is absolutely great if you think you are far from being Perfect.

In other words: this basic course of clowning is good for everyone’s development.
This course is especially useful for those daily in contact with people, like teachers, nurses and doctors, managers, politicians, policemen, officials, housewives, papa’s and mama’s… Artists of all kinds of various performing arts could may enrich their own creative personality skills.
A second step will be discovering the clown’s character, emotions, and clowns routines and clowning for special purposes, like care- or hospital-clowning, street- or theatre –clowning…
When: from 11 OR 12 February (depend on participant’s preferences):
5 Saturdays: February 11, 18, 25 and March 3, 10
5 Sundays: February 12, 19, 26 and March 4, 11

Hours: 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
Where: John Larmonie Center (Imbali and Motiance dance schools), Philipsburg (next to the sports school and across the Toyota store).
Price: a total price of the whole general course of 5 sessions is US $160
More infor and registration form
Facebook/ Albina Matuzko, 588-44-39
For any furter information:

From saturday 11 february, 10:00am to saturday 10 march, 1:00pm
At John Larmonie Center, Philipsburg, St.Maarten