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Thursday 2 august 2012
Da Goodness is back with their 3rd Annual Summer Madness event. This year we feature 10 DJs, 4 Hosts, 4 Venues and the HOTTEST party week for the Summer 2012!! It all goes down from August 1st until August 6th with the Ultimate Ladies' Night at Tantra on Wednesday, followed by our Rooftop Rendezvous at Prive Hookah & Sky Lounge on Thursday. We continue the Madness on Friday at The Soggy Dollar Bar with the Konvict Music Special and head back to Tantra for the Grand Finale on Saturday with The Caribbean Bree...ze & Da Goodness Deluxe Dance Areas!! On August 6th we head over to the Caribbean's biggest beach party, August Monday with the Wheretheflex/Bacardi/Goodness Party Boat with lots of drinks, food, fun party people and great music!!

Entertainment for the Summer Madness will be provided by:

DJ Reggie V (Da Goodness, SXM)
DJ EM (Resident DJ, Sunset Beach Bar)
DJ Markey (Resident DJ, Tantra)
DJ Avalanche (Saint Thomas)
DJ Deli Banger (Saint Thomas)
DJ Prime (Da Goodness Deluxe, Amsterdam)
DJ Bertrum (Shadyville DJs, Tortola)
Cutcreator DJ Outkast (Shadyville DJs, SXM)
Suppa Kid (Jamrock Sound, Amsterdam)
DJ Benny D (Akon's Official Tour DJ, Atlanta)

The events will be hosted by:

Trilogy (Resident MC, Tantra)
Versatwizy (The Boombox, Laser 101)
Solano (Da Goodness TV, Money Mason Media)

The Summer Madness is powered by Bacardi, Patron Tequila & Miller Lite proudly distributed by Antillean Liquors, One ® distributed by Manrique Capriles & Sons,, YR 92.5, Power 102.7 and Laser 101.